Donate to IASA

Donating to IASA, you help to:

  • raise funds to assist in travel grants or conference fee waivers for scholars from countries with a low GDP, graduate students and untenured colleagues, thus enabling IASA to commit to diversity and inclusivity;
  • raise funds to support the ongoing operations of the SCOPUS-listed, Open Access, free-of-charge, peer-refereed journal Review of International American Studies;
  • raise funds to cover the costs of the ongoing operations of the IASA website (domain, diskspace, safety certificates).

How to donate?
1) Donate online using the Santander Bank application by selecting a predefined sum or introducing the sum of your own:

Donate: 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 and “Other Sum” EUR

2) Donate by wire transfer to our Santander Bank Account :

International American Studies Association (CIF: G88439732)
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Do give generously!