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As a world-wide community of compassionate humans, the International American Studies Association unequivocally condemns the Russian Federation’s barbaric invasion of sovereign Ukraine. Calling upon the Governments of all peace-loving nations to work together towards the immediate cessation of hostilities, we simultaneously encourage all IASA members to donate a fraction of their incomes to the organizations saving lives in the fighting Ukraine or helping the Ukrainian refugees throughout Eastern Europe and world wide. Preferring action to empty verbiage, we therefore ask all of the compassionate human beings to consult the list below. Based on the U.S. news guideline on “How to Help Ukraine,” the list collects organizations and institutions that will appreciate every penny we can spare. IASA stands for peace, and therefore IASA stands with Ukraine.
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Ukrainian Red Cross (https://redcross.org.ua/en/)

Founded in 1918, the Ukrainian Red Cross has provided relief and educational services to Ukrainians in times of natural disaster, armed conflict and catastrophe. Now, the organization’s emergency response teams are providing humanitarian aid to injured and evacuated people.

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) (https://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/)

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is an independent, global, impartial organization that seeks to provide medical aid where it is most needed around the world. Since the invasion began, MSF – which already had a presence in the country – has been focused on providing medical supplies and training to Ukrainian hospitals. MSF teams on the ground assess the needs of local health systems, and the organization is sending experienced medical staff into the country to support local responders.

World Central Kitchen (https://wck.org/relief/activation-chefs-for-ukraine)

Founded by renowned chef José Andrés, World Central Kitchen provides meals in response to humanitarian, climate and community crises. The food network has set up mobile kitchens at border crossings around Ukraine to meet the needs of refugees. According to its website, WCK is also financially supporting local restaurants in eight cities inside Ukraine.

Fight For Right (https://eng.ffr.org.ua/support-in-crisis/eng)

Led by human rights activist Yuliia Sachuk, Fight for Right is a Ukrainian NGO focused on defending the human rights of Ukrainians living with disabilities. The organization is working to safely evacuate individuals with disabilities, and to provide them with financial support. The group is also supplying food and medicine to people unable to leave the country. Funds collected through the organization’s GoFundMe go toward its relief efforts on the ground.

The Kiev Independent (https://kyivindependent.com/)

Launched just three months ago, The Kiev Independent has become one of the primary English-language media outlets in Ukraine as its staffers work diligently to cover the war on the ground. The outlet’s staff launched a GoFundMe to support their efforts, in addition to a separate GoFundMe to support lesser-known Ukrainian media outlets trying to regroup and set up shop outside the country.

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights (https://urgentactionfund.org/)

The Urgent Action Fund provides grants to women’s rights movements, as well as nonbinary and transgender human rights activists around the world, and is fundraising to support activists affected by the war in Ukraine.

Black Women for Black Lives (https://blackwomenforblacklives.org/)

Founded by three Black women – Korrine Sky, Tokunbo Koiki and Patricia Daley – this organization is raising money to help Black people, especially students, who are facing discrimination while trying to flee Ukraine. It was started after Sky, a Zimbabwean medical student, documented the discrimination she encountered during her attempt to leave Ukraine. Releasing updates regularly on their Twitter accounts, the founders distribute funds to cover transportation, accommodation and food costs for individuals and families. They set up a Telegram support channel and are providing guidance to Black individuals trying to leave Ukraine. They’re also seeking volunteers to help with their efforts.

Razom for Ukraine (https://razomforukraine.org/razom-emergency-response/)

Razom, meaning “together” in Ukrainian, was founded in 2014 in New York by Ukrainians in the United States who wanted to support the country’s Maidan Revolution. Founded as a way of responding to any humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, the organization is now providing medical supplies to people on the ground.

Voices of Children Foundation (https://voices.org.ua/en/)

Founded in 2015 as Ukraine was engaged in fighting with Russian-backed separatists, the Voices of Children Foundation focuses on ensuring psychological support to children traumatized by war. The organization provides art therapy, traveling psychologists and evacuation assistance. They also have set up a storytelling project to share the stories of Ukrainian children growing up in a war zone.

Sunflowers for Peace (https://www.sunflowerofpeace.com/)

Sunflowers for Peace is an organization founded in Boston in 2014 by Ukrainian-born realtor Katya Malakhova. The organization has been raising funds for people inside Ukraine and collecting medical supplies to be shipped to the country. According to the group’s website, it works with ambassadors and partner organizations in Ukraine, such as Razom, to distribute supplies.

Save the Children (https://www.savethechildren.org/us/about-us)

Started in 1919 to meet the needs of children impacted by World War I in Europe, Save the Children focuses on daily needs of children in crisis zones around the world. The organization has launched a children’s emergency fund to provide emergency food, supplies and housing to Ukrainian children.

The Polish Migration Forum (https://www.forummigracyjne.org/en/)

This NGO promotes the rights of migrants entering Poland, and is providing a free emergency hotline for Ukrainians coming into Poland who need psychological assistance.

The Association for Legal Intervention (https://interwencjaprawna.pl/en/about/what-we-do/)

The Association for Legal Intervention is a civil society organization that focuses on the needs of migrants in Poland. It is providing pro bono legal aid to Ukrainian refugees.

Black is Polish (https://www.instagram.com/blackispolish/)

Founded by four Black women in Poland, Black is Polish started as an educational Instagram platform to counter racism in Poland. It is crowdsourcing to provide housing and support for Black refugees coming from Ukraine to Poland.

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee (https://helsinki.hu/en/about/)

A human rights organization based in Hungary, The Hungarian Helsinki Committee is providing free-of-charge legal assistance and representation for refugees entering Hungary.

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