Our Mission

“The object of the [International American Studies] Association shall be to further the international exchange of ideas and information among scholars from all nations and various disciplines who study and teach America regionally, hemispherically, nationally, and transnationally.” (Articles of the International American Studies Association [IASA], Article I Name and Object, Sec. 2)

“Rooted in various fields of study, the IASA will provide a space for interdisciplinary dialogues about American culture and society. To this purpose, it will promote international exchanges of teachers, scholars, and students and generate debates, publications, and conferences. […] The work of IASA supports, complements, and internationalizes ongoing efforts by regional, national, and multinational associations of American Studies. The IASA welcomes individual, institutional, and associational memberships to its ranks from all professional Americanists in the social and natural sciences, the humanities and the arts, from intellectuals, artists, journalists, public officials, and all those active in matters concerning the study of America.” (preamble to the Articles of the International American Studies Association [IASA])