International American Studies Association

Welcome to the official website of the International American Studies Association, the only worldwide, independent, non-governmental association for Americanists. Specializing in hemispheric, trans-Atlantic, and trans-Pacific research on the Americas, we approach the inextricably connected cultures of the dual continent as “communicating vessels.” A thus defined research profile allows us to explore, describe, and diagnose the dynamics of the interdependence among a plethora of phenomena and processes occurring “within” the Americas, but also “across the oceans”: between Europe, Africa, and the Americas – as well as between the Americas, Asia, and Oceania.

Methodologically and thematically decentering American Studies – which term, for years, has been considered synonymous to what today is referred to as “US Studies” – IASA strives to offer those seeking insight a wide gamut of non-partisan research perspectives. Across disciplines, across languages, we constantly develop our theoretical apparatus hoping to do justice to the complexity of the Americas and their global relations. Although as members of IASA we fully acknowledge the importance of the United States as a major donor of cultural values both in the Americas and worldwide, we tend to adopt positions, in which the condition of the present-day world is interpretable as an effect of ongoing negotiations among those who are, in essence, e pluribus plures.

With such a vision in mind, IASA was called into existence by such major figures of American Studies as  Greg C. Cuthbertson (South Africa), Philip Davies (United Kingdom), Theo D’Haen (Netherlands), Emory Elliott (USA), Winfried Fluck (Germany), Michael Frisch (USA), Cristina Giorcelli (Italy), Ramón Gutiérrez (USA), Heinz Ickstadt (Germany), Josef Jarab (Czech Republic), Djelal Kadir (USA), Mary Kelley (USA), Rob Kroes (Netherlands), Maureen Montgomery (New Zealand), Carla Mulford (USA), Gönül Pultar (Turkey), Hiroko Sato (Japan), Neusa da Silva Matte (Brazil), Werner Sollors (Germany), Tao Jie (China), Sonia Torres (Brazil), and Lois Parkinson Zamora (USA). Soon, the Founders were joined by other eminent Americanists, such as Paul Giles (UK/Australia), Manju Jaidka (India), Donald Pease (USA), Marietta Messmer (Germany/the Netherlands), Giorgio Mariani (Italy), Manuel Broncano Rodríguez (Spain/USA), Jane Desmond (USA), Virginia Dominguez (USA), and Patrick Imbert (Canada).

Over the years, the Mentors have inspired their Disciples, many of whom now hold doctorates and professorships. Transgenerational, IASA has always been particularly keen to support colleagues of the younger generation. We welcome literary and cultural scholars, historians, sociologists, political scientists, ethnologists, linguists, environmentalists, and other researchers, whose superb skills and vision will allow the Organization to evolve – and to grow. It is with the nexus of experience and freshness of perspective in mind that we have created the now well-established, SCOPUS-indexed, Review of International American Studies – an open access international journal publishing texts by IASA-minded Americanists from all over the world in all the major languages of the Americas.

On behalf of several hundred IASA members from over 30 countries of the world, it is our pleasure to declare that we will be delighted to have you on board! Do join us in our efforts to explore and explain the Americas in their complex internal and external relations in the spirit of mutual support, camaraderie, and compassion.

With our kindest regards,

The Executive Board of the International American Studies Association